About Chef Baba Joy

My curiosity in vegetarian cooking  started the last year in chef school  in 1976 !

Over the  years I have been working as vegetarian chef  all around the globe  ,from 1982 to 1989  I was working  in Australia  during the swedish winters  for 6 months at a time mostly in Sydneys Eastern suburbs at  “the sunshine inn”  in Bondi beach at “Lauries diner” and gabbys also in Bondi beach  ,in the swedish summers  I was working in Stockholm at “Cafe Pan “,Lovefood and Örtagården.

In 1989 I started at ” Hermans Lilla Gröna ”  where I was the inspirator for the next 5 years  ! In the winter I took long holidays  in Thailand,Indonesia and to India !

The years after that I was living at a Macrobiotic community for 3 years  in south of Sweden .

got my own flat in 1998 in Bagarmossen just few km south of stockholm , worked as vegetarian chef in summertime  and in the winters  went to India  nearly every year for 6  months to get away from the cold just like the migrant birds !

In 2001 I started at ” Martinskolan” in Farsta,Stockholms waldorf school where I  was the head chef cooking vegetarian Lunch for 400 people  until the summer of 2002 , the years to follow  I was at “Lilla Freja and at Frejaskolan  in the autum and then to India again in the winter !

In 2008 I started working in different retreat centers  in sweden  and unttil today  i have been chef at  Mundekulla  , Hällungen now called solhälla  and ängsbacka  in the summers !   2011 i started cooking at the space of love festival at Böda ,Öland the first 2 weeks of June every year  ! in the winters went back to India and malaysia/Indonesia and thailand/Nepal/sri lanka

At  Ängsbacka  I was part of a team of chefs cooking for up to 1000 people  for the no mind festival    2011 and 2012  futered in the   2010 Uk  movie three miles north of molkom   !


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