Tofu Misozuke Aged 2 months


My second attempt with tofu Misozuke succeeded! It managed to be stored in the two-month, and then some. I used a more airtight jar with a grid at the bottom, so that it became a little less likely that it became  wet on the surface. And made ​​sure to change the paper towels frequently. The taste was not that big difference, but the texture was very much softer.

  many thought the taste reminded blue cheese. The version that has been wrapped in nori tasted most.

I think I’m going to wrap up all of the nori in the future, as it is much smoother than the scrim. I can imagine that noriversionen got a little better for the marinade really gets in contact with the whole block. With scrim  corners becomes very thick and the screen becomes light weight at certain points. Next time I’ll probably try some other type of miso and see if that makes a difference.


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