I Lost lost 14 KG in 6 weeks ! My Way !


I was in Goa ,just out of the Hospital full off antibiotics and I know a friend who had coconut kefir  and begged him for some with some Live  kefir grains !

This became my baby for the next 6 weeks  , everyday feeding them with the water of an virgin Coconut  ! Creating the most uplifting Probiotic drink  !

Then I got myself few different small things (like a plate a spoon ,cups and grater in stainless steel )for about 3  usd to make my own Raw salad daily ,starting growing organic mung bean sprouts ,some extra virgin olive oil , Himalayan salt ,raw beetroot  and carrots  that I grated , Avocado,raw broccoli , zucchini,Ginger, lime juice some walnuts,almonds and cashews  creating the most appetizing salad daily for  dinner at 6 pm  ,eating it with rice cracker with  sesame paste or peanut butter and a glass off coconut kefir  !

Sometimes I used tahini (sesame paste), peanut butter  or cashew butter as the base for the dressing .

for brunch (breakfast) That I had at 10.30-11 am  I had at least 5 different fruits (strawberry , papaya ,grapes , mangoes ,banana , pineapple,melon)with popped amaranth ,oats,puffed rice and Ragi ( finger millet) flakes ,walnuts,almonds, cashews,coconut meat  , raisins,dates with 300 grams of yogurt mixed with 1 cup coconut kefir  !

In the morning I drank lot a water and a cup black filter coffee  and then power walked for  1 hr or more on the beach  after that I swum for 20-30 minutes !

So on holidays this is a very fast and smooth way to lose a few inches  !

PS / did some small cheating here and there /



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