New delhi

vegetarian chef since 1975 in different shapes and styles  going more towards raw food ,gluten free, sugar free  .
I like Free in all forms and have refused to be stuck in the rat race ! never got  car a drivers license or a insurance policy and always moved on when it started getting to cold or to Hot  .
A traveler at heart  !  Yes Heart Felt  anywhere anytime  ,love sharing my unique view of life with others  !
First Landed in Mumbai in January of  1981 and stayed 2 weeks  on my first round the world trip  !
That India must have got stuck in my heart and have been returning again and again over the years and never for anything shorter then  6 months at a time  ,actually I love it here . this year I have been a beach bum for most of the time and with a bit of exercise lost 12 kg off what I gained the previews  years  ! Now its a month left and I will hit the mountains  high up in the Himalaya

Image “my house in the Himalayas


One comment on “New delhi

  1. You’ve been cooking vegetarian even before it was the “in” thing – that’s great! I’ve been on a plant-based diet for a year and I only occasionally use sugar. Although I eat a lot of raw food, I’m not on a raw diet. I still like cooked foods on a regular basis. Anyway, thanks so much for following me – I appreciate it! It’s lovely to e-meet you. Celeste:)


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