This is Chef Baba Joy

This is Chef Baba Joy

I have been into experimenting with food since early 1970 and is still learning new styles of food !
My style at the moment is 70 % raw and not using gluten, its vegan to 90 % and 100 % organic not using any plastic in the process preferring glass ,ceramic containers and stainless steel and iron pots in the next few post you will learn more about me !
And Yes I am available from middle of May 2013 for any sort off proposal after my winter in India !
please feel free to contact me !

skype : innernomad
ph : +46760630948



3 comments on “This is Chef Baba Joy

  1. Chef Johan greets big chef Baba Joy…!


  2. totalvegetal says:

    BabaJoy, I think you’re pretty amazing! Thank you for visiting my blog, too. I’m going to your hot chocolate post, as I want to share with you an alternative recipe.


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